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This has saved me the headache of trying to remember when to change our filter, and I don't have to go to the store to buy them anymore...totally worth it!
Brooke V.
I'm loving this new service. Pick your filter level. Pick your frequency. Air filters arrive at your door when it is time to change them for a fraction of the price of stores.
Bill L.
Pretty simple concept. You are supposed to change your filters regularly, but seldom do you remember. Simply subscribe to filters, and they show up when it's time to change! I've been using them for a few years now, and I'm satisfied.
Ryan W.
This is a GREAT company... Hey! I know it's weird to talk about air filters, but I signed up for FilterEasy 6 months ago. They send your exact air filter sizes every 1, 2, or 3 months when it's time to change I never have to think about my air filters again!
Dianna M.
So far good with this! We've gotten 3 shipments. I have to tell you, the nicest thing is the fact that they auto-ship. I now know when I get new filters in the mail that it's time to change them! 
Jackie F.
Easy and Convenient! Set auto pilot and change your filter when it arrives!
Carie M.
The best subscription service I have. No more remembering to change air filters. Every 3 months they send me a new one. Free shipping and they're way cheaper than the store bought ones.
Jefferey Cress

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We deliver your air filters to your door, based on how often they need to be changed. Each delivery acts as a physical reminder that it's time to replace your dirty filters. You'll never forget to do it again!

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